Kasane is indeed very special and well worth visiting. For one: it is located close to where four neighbouring countries meet: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It also boasts the largest population of the majestic elephants in Africa.

CARACAL Biodiversity Centre

Chobe National Park

Cross Over to Zambia or Zimbabwe

Kasane Hot Springs

Lesoma Memorial Monument

Seboba Water Rapids and Recreational Park

Snake Park

Sundowner River Cruises

The Baobab Tree

The CARACAL Biodiversity Centre in Kasane is a great educational facility for wildlife lovers. For those travelling with children, the centre offers interaction with animals and a practical way of learning about certain animals and safety precautions.

It would be tragic if you made it all the way to Kasane, but failed to visit one of Botswana’s most infamous and popular national parks

The Victoria Falls National Park is the twin park of Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. It is spread over an area of 23.4 square km and the city of Victoria Falls lies on the western edge of the forest. The Victoria Falls stretch over 1.7km across the Zambezi River and what makes the Falls so amazing is that you are able to stand very close to them. All that separates you from the sheer force of the body of water thundering down a height of 108 metres is a narrow strip of gorge.

The warm and salty waters of this natural spring are believed to hold medicinal powers. Visitors to the site are treated to fantastic game viewing, as Kasane Hot Springs are strategically situated within a wildlife corridor between the villages of Kasane and Kazungula.

In 1978, the brutal civil war in the then Rhodesia spilt over into Botswana. In a tragic turn of events, 15 Botswana Defence Force soldiers who used Lesoma as a base camp were killed by Rhodesian guerrilla fighters. However, the incident only strengthened Botswana’s national resolve to remain a peace-loving nation. The Lesoma Memorial Monument was erected in the honour of these brave men who sacrificed their life protecting Batswana.

These rapids occur when the waters of the mighty Chobe River meet an undulating rock base that blocks the water’s passage. The resulting rapids and beautiful natural setting give rise to the trees called Mosane, from which Kasane derives its name. The area is also a perfect Bird watching place.

Kasane’s Snake Park is home to about 50 snakes comprising 17 species in pleasant, well kept garden spaces. The snakes found at the Snake Park range from the harmless Brown House Snake to the deadly Boomslang and Black Mumba.

If there is one thing you should not pass up on, it’s a sundowner river cruise along the Chobe River! The cruises offer brilliant game viewing and photographic opportunities, and chances of spotting buffalo and elephants are very high. What’s more, as anyone will tell you, nothing beats Botswana sunsets. And to enjoy them from atop a boat cruising along the Chobe cannot be beat- it is truly special and has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

The huge baobab tree has a hollow space big enough to fit a fully-grown person. Once used a as a prison of sorts by colonial administrators, the baobab tree now stands in front of Kasane Police Station Offices.